Start Own Forex Company

Start Your Own Forex Brokerage very low cost and no risk! | Complete White Label Solution!

4xxpert offers prime/brokerage partner programme developed for the companies and financial institutions intending to provide services of financial markets access under their own trademark and to quickly become a Forex broker with minimal investments. A White Label partner receives the advanced and multifunctional Meta Trader 4 trading platform, together with streaming quotes for virtually any trading instrument, and customizable trading terms. Besides all White Label partners get administrative tools and resources for control and management of client accounts and provide complete support to your customers.

What will you get?

  • Your Company Incorporation
  • Company Bank Account
  • Your Own Brand MT4 Platform
  • MT4 Manager and Registration
  • Best Liquidity (Pure ECN)
  • Market Maker Facility
  • Back office integration
  • Official Website & Affiliated Software
  • Complete Business Training
  • Digital Marketing Solutions

Brokerage Setup:

we realized the opportunities and tough challenges faced in the financial market to setup your own forex brokerage company. We are offering the one stop solution for Prime Brokerage and Complete White Label. We provide the safe and uncomplicated solution to your need with lesser cost and world-class solutions with greater services.

Company Formation:

Company formation in countries like Malaysia, Hongkong, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, Nevis, Cyprus or on your own choice.

Income Potential:

Practically when you reach 100 clients ($5000 USD/per client) under your company within one year, you can expect your net profit as $10,000 USD per month. (Approx.) Since an enormous growth in this field, you can expect more profit month on month.

Your Brokerage Income Approx Per Month:

  • 100 Clients = $ 10,000 USD /Per Month
  • 250 Clients = $ 30,000 USD / Per Month
  • 500 Clients = $ 50,000 USD / Per Month

Total Business Setup :

  • Meta Trader 4 Platform (Mandatory)
  • Meta Trader Registration Fee (Mandatory)
  • Setup and Service Fee (Mandatory)
  • Company Registration, Bank Account Opening (Optional)
  • Domain, Official Website, Email and Support (Optional)
  • Digital Marketing Solutions (Optional)
  • Monthly MT4 Maintenance Cost(Mandatory)

Notes: Zero monthly maintenance fee after reach target. Meta Trader Registration depends on country

Why Choose 4xxpert:

  • 100% Legal and Secure Payment System.
  • Raw Spread From 0 Pip to 0.9 Pip Pure ECN Platform
  • Very Lowest Setup Fee and Service Cost.
  • Market Maker Facility.
  • One Stop Complete Solutions.
  • Skill and Experience in Forex Business Past 4 Years.
  • Fast Service and 24X7 Support.
  • IT Solutions and Online Digital Marketing Support.

Advantages of own brokerage company :

  • Branded trading platform: White Label partners get a fully branded trading platform with their own logo, programme name and company details (address, website, phone numbers and email).

  • Technical maintenance: GK Futures Ltd undertakes to deal with all technical issues regarding a trading server including its setting and 24/7 maintenance.

  • Existing quote feed: A White Label partner does not need to worry about quotes, live streaming quotes are provided by our Company and are included in a White Label package.

  • Own trading terms: Every White Label partner can set their own trading terms including minimal deposit, spread, Stop Loss, Take Profit and pending order levels, margin for hedged positions, and leverage.

What is Your Responsibilities?

A White Label partner undertakes responsibilities to attract its own clients, either through its website or by other means. Besides, a partner takes care of informational support of its clients: seminars, education, consultancy. However, should you need any assistance or marketing work, this can be offered by our Company too. Our experienced staff will help you to go through all stages of incorporation of a new brand and will provide quality assistance in any matter. We will be glad to work in collaboration with motivated businesses with the aim to get mutual benefits.

Our Company Support:

As we have sufficient experience in online marketing, your staff will get trained by us. And the same will be provided for cost on monthly basis so you can get more clients. As we are providing complete process involved for making your brokerage company legally. So it is more than enough to manage by you. We are not only setting up the process, our support will be given consistently on your request. Now you can get our direct support from usa, London,Australia,newzealand Canada,Singapore,hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi,Mumbai,ahmedabad and chennai.