Managed Accounts

  • Min Investment-$10000 USD.
  • Profit : 5% to 20% Per month.
  • 2% Risk Per Trade.
  • Risk Factor: 10% Risk Only.Your 90% equity Safe.
  • Account opening and deposit money in your name.
  • You can withdraw money and cancel managed account service at any time.
  • Safe and Standard Income.
  • You have also 100% Account Control.

We have low risk trading strategy, So first we focus your account capital safe and regular income. You have also master password and you can watch your account anytime and change your master password at anytime. We have 13 years experience in this field. After Investment we will explain you our trading system and forex business strategy.

Profit Sharing:

Profit will be shared in the following ratio:
Investor: 50% and 4xXpert : 50%

A market that trades in international currency is termed as the Forex market. Trade is open all the days of the week except on weekends. On working days enormous numbers of sub brokers as well as brokers manage the trading business on a large scale. Just like a market that deals in stocks, in the same way a market of foreign exchange deals in currencies of different countries all over the world and rates of exchange of these currencies. Trade at the international level gets facilitated principally due to this volatile foreign currency market. When transactions take place at international levels, currency of a particular country gets converted into the currency of another country, for example pounds accordingly get transferred into dollars when trade takes place. Investors, sub brokers as well as brokers have accounts on the internet, where trading takes place in a foreign exchange market that has been decentralized for better functionality. If there is an investor based in particular country where dollars is the currency makes an investment in the Euro, then he will benefit when performance on the economic level improves and value of the European currency Euro also increases. Depending upon the suitability of the investor the currency Euro can get converted into dollars once again. When the value of Euro improves due to better performance in the economy, the increased value of the Euro benefits the investor when he converts the dollars back from Euros. In the FX market, profits are accordingly made. Those interested in making very high profits have to follow particular strategies. Importance of managing money in the forex market is crucial and there are a lot of investors who may fail, especially the beginners. Brokers involved in the foreign currency trade should provide the right kind of leverage and info. Min leverage for our forex managed accounts 1:200 At times when favorable conditions exist in the market with proper leverage, huge profits can be made by a broker by investing smaller amounts in the trading business. It should also be remembered that due to leverage, huge losses can also be incurred by the trade. Losses incurred by the trader leads to multiplication of losses in his or her functional arena. If money is managed well, understanding the methods of forex market functioning gets easier. In the foreign exchange market it is very essential to attain success in trade despite the volatility of the fiscal rostrum. If proper management of money is followed winning situations increase and if at all losses are incurred, the trader should be able to survive as well without getting devastating. Life could get severely affected if massive losses are incurred by those who do not follow proper methods of managing money. Rushing into the trading business in foreign exchange can cost you a lot and this happens with only those who are impetuous and inexperienced. If basic things are first learnt, or if training in forex trading is received from a good institute, the support and right understanding proves to be very beneficial to you. Guaranteed success awaits all those adopting the best strategies in trading in the forex market